TMBK Partners provides services in:

  • experimental verification of assumptions for polymeric materials processed by moulding techniques or with the melt-blown method,
  • processing of polymers with various additives and fillers – in this area, we specialise in the extrusion of plastics with nanofillers.

We offer testing of capability to process plastics, polymer blends, thermoplastic polymer composites with the use of moulding or the melt-blown method.

We produce material samples that can undergo further testing. Our offer is aimed both at plastics processors and laboratories working on polymer materials and thermoplastic composites.

Our strengths:

  • flexibility,
  • speed of operation,
  • maximum adaptation to customer’s needs.

The character of our pilot line enables us to minimize time of transfer between different raw materials and in a relatively short period of time to characterize and compare several dissimilar polymer materials and fillers.

Our services allow a customer to:

  • test new plastics for potential use in production, without time-consuming production line changeovers, cumbersome plasticizing system cleaning and expensive downtime,
  • test new types of fillers and additives that may allow for improvement of production and making their products more competitive,
  • compare in a short time various plastic-filler combinations and with our help select the one which is most appropriate,
  • define processing conditions, allowing for machines to be prepared to work with a given material,
  • support its process engineers in resolving problems related to the processing of raw materials to make their production more innovative without the need to possess an R&D department,
  • test the products behaviour during larger-scale processing or (in the case of laboratories) produce a higher amount of test samples,
  • commission us to produce materials in the form of granulates ready for further processing, e.g. by injection.

All tests are performed on our technological line in Warsaw.


In case of any questions regarding our services, please contact us.