CNT-doped strips are long ribbons with a rectangular cross-section, 0,2mm thick and 0,8 mm wide. They are characterised by very good electrical properties of even 15 S/m. Depending on the type of material, they can possess very good mechanical properties or high flexibility.

CNT-doped strips can be used in the production of woven fleece for the military, aeronautic, automotive and electronic industries.



CNT-doped strips


Depending on the application, we offer CNT-doped strips in four types, differing in their melting points:

  • DopedStrip 7633 – polypropylene-based strip, Tm= 170-180°C
  • DopedStrip 2069 – polyester-based strip; Tm = 138-148°C
  • DopedStrip 722 – polyamide-based strip; Tm=101°C
  • DopedStrip 1516 – polyamide-based strip; Tm=106°C


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