e-Platform offers a wide range of products and services in the area of CNT-doped polymer composite manufacturing and testing.

e-Platform brings together the following partners with many years’ experience in the joint performance of research projects relating to the modification of the electrical and mechanical properties of composites with the use of nanomaterials:

The e-Platform partners are to companies possessing specialized staff, knowledge and production and testing equipment (pilot lines) used to provide services related to the processing of polymer composites with improved parameters and performance, adapted to the specific needs of customers, including SMEs. Our products are used in numerous industrial sectors, primarily aeronautics and the automotive industry.

The products and technologies available from the e-Platform consist of the following three types of CNT-doped components for application in composite materials:

  • veils / strips
  • buckypapers
  • prepregs

The three pilot lines that make up the e-Platform provide our customers with:

  • the highest level of expertise
  • modern specialised production equipment
  • unique and innovative solutions in the processing of composites with CNT-doped components
  • highly qualified engineers with many years’ experience
  • possibility of using the available devices without the need to invest in new equipment!