TMBK Partners is a company that specialises in the manufacturing of innovative products and provision of services in the area of materials engineering.

An experienced staff of experts and specialists and a modern production facility provide our customers access to the latest technology and product solutions. In addition to carrying out work ordered directly by our clients, our experts have also been involved in a number of European projects aimed at developing a method for improving the electrical, mechanical and thermal properties of composites.

TMBK Partners specialises in the production of thermoplastic CNT-doped veils with an areal weight under 50 g/m2 and strips. These products are manufactured at semi-industrial scale with the use of innovative technology solutions developed by TMBK Partners. The services offered by TMBK Partners primarily involve issues relating to integration of nano-enabled products with customers’ materials and technologies in order to give the final products the desired features and characteristics.

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TMBK Partners is one of the three founders and partners of e-Platform, a European organisation of companies that use innovative components and nanotechnology solutions to improve the mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of polymer composites. e-Platform offers the following CNT-doped components:

  • veils / strips
  • buckypapers
  • prepregs

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